Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Seasonal fruit stress

Mark suffers badly from this. I have a milder form, but never the less it kicks in around early to middle may depending on the weather/how the trees are feeling.
The first attack is cherry time. We watch the blossom come and go, salivate as the tiny green fruit swell and then...arggg they are ripe, everywhere, people kindly bring them, ask you to take as many as you wish from their trees, they call you from the wild, "eat us" before we fall and are wasted.
Added to Marks heavy work load, a hernia op chez moi, and certain areas of the house destruction, cherrys must be stoned. The special plastic box comes out, its yearly airing, everyone is sticky with purple and red and then its o.k. Pots of rich dark jam in the shed, a happy feeling that winter will be all the better for increasing the jam stocks.
We failed this year with strawberry. SAD. Next stop apricot.

Monday, 9 May 2011


Superb entrance to abode in 'point courte' another favourite seaside haunt at Sete.
Translates roughly to s***heads keep out.

More blog soon, too much going on.....