Friday, 24 July 2009

Importance of feathered friends

Yawn, hello . . .
Late night last night, BBQ, mountain of washing up, started watching 'life on Mars' at 12.30am, then to be woken by passing alarm call train at 6.30am.
The first thought I had when looking out of the bedroom window this morning was about birds. There was one passing, there always is. A solitary small black shape against the rushing clouds.
Someone asked me at an exposition recently why I usually include birds in paintings. I couldn't say for sure. Now I can. They are part of our every moment whether it be a manky pigeon in a London square, or a wheeling swift on a scented breeze.

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  1. It's odd but I frequently include birds in poems too, possibly because I'm always aware of the swifts whirling around outside the house while I'm typing here at the keyboard.

    I see you like the word manky. Good stuff, great word.