Friday, 27 November 2009

Great British food

I don't think you can get this menu here (France).
2 slices, beans and a pint mug of creosote.
This was a very good example. Flabby buttery toast, beans nicely aged for that extra sweet flavour, and neon ketchup.
This was in the Sorento cafe in West Norwood where I had the misfortune to live for several years after college. (Sorry Chris and Emma if you read this). I house shared with an animator who never washed himself or anything, another ex- photography student, my film maker partner at the time and Boz . . . 
It was a horrible house: dry rot, loo that froze in winter and a overgrown garden in which we discovered four bin liners of orange pills which the police removed before anyone had had the chance to try any of them.
Our landlord was the wheezing Mr Bellamy who was the model for the leonard Rossiter character in 'rising damp'. I went back on this sketching trip to see if the area had changed much. Our local pub had become a Tesco's, and the other greasy spoon café had changed hands to a chinese take away. Otherwise the same houses, some familiar shops, the evangelical church still asking 'why are we here' and 'what happens next' on lurid posters.
What happened next was I went 'up west', saw a play starring John Simm, and ate liver and onions in one of the 'Stockpot' cheap and cheerful restos that are dotted around central London.

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