Monday, 18 October 2010


Sorry ms Ayres for bastardising your beautiful painting (Ceret), but I wanted an image of the pain I was experiencing in my teeth and face a couple of days ago.
Have had toothache, or what appeared to be for a couple of months, dentist took x-rays, nowt.
When pain became like someone drilling for oil in my cheek, became alarmed...well one does...what do we do in our present period of world history? Look up scary stuff on the internet, nes pas. Scary indeed. Will not bore with facts, histoires etc. Could be one of 200 or more things of course, some much nastier than others.
Went to the doctor, mentioned a few possibilities, Bof, you are stressed, is your life full of stress at the moment. Gave me magnesium and nice calm feeling. Next couple of days, big pain and smaller pains, but gradually figured out the stuff that works.
Sleep, good, vegetables good, gardening excellent, walking excellent, housework good. Stress not good, well I think we know this, sitting about, not good, art, not good at the moment, hoping to sort this one!, and computing.....very BAD.
Brings me back to title of blog post....
We are not perhaps meant to be hunchy over a keyboard, more to be running over rocks in pursuit of some dinner, rather extreme I know, but in my case certainly putting some onions in rather than looking something up on safari is better for me.
Anyway, must stop as am having to write this is strange John wayne/Alexandre tecnique posture, hence worse spelling than usual...,
Have a good stress free day y'ouall.

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