Wednesday, 10 November 2010

'tis the season...

In the same creeping fashion as a sore throat announces the invasion of a cold....that time is almost upon us.
Not that I'm a miserable nightshirt wearing old git, well not most of the time, but REALLY.
I used to revel in the warm comfort of the thought that Chrimbo did not start in this part of the world until December. Festive ads have started edging their way in amongst the yogurt, cheese and insurance, Jardifort have joined the madness of non planty glittery twaddle, and the very worst.....Parchemin, have tables laden with bizarre collections of objects done up in cellophane and ribbon.
I was trapped in leclerc earlier, while trying to buy some dog food, in the massive queues (panic buying to last out the bank holiday?) was interested to note that someone next to me was indeed buying chocolate santa figurines. Is it me, or does it seem odd to be doing this when we are not even half way through November?
Anyway must be off to look up some xmas pud recipes that we were discussing this morning..... be merry, tra la la la la la la

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