Tuesday, 15 February 2011

End of the world. 12? 21? Dec 2012 Bugarach

Well which is it?
Seems there is a choice of dates regarding the fin du monde. Or maybe we are in for two...the first one not quite end enough, lets leave it 9 days and have another go?
Either way its going to be interesting up there, probably not for the inhabitants, unless one were to sell/rent ones abode out for a huge sum and bugger off to another safe zone...I think there are others? but then presumably they will be about to suffer the same onslaught of hype, and everything that goes along with it.
Think I might start a secondary thread to the story.
There is without doubt another space ship under our shed. I've heard odd clankings in there, someone has been at the jam stocks, and I'm sure once or twice I have seen rats carrying large pieces of sheet steel towards the noble structure after dark. It would explain why Mark can never find any tools, nothing to do with me...
rats are far more likely to inherit the world, or at least its smoking remains, than lizards, or is it that giant lizards are going to arrive from space? Will have to question the small brown ones in the garden. I looked at some yesterday basking in the early spring sun (them, not me) they didn't seem to be any different, no sitting in deck chairs with smug expressions or looking at immobilier magazines from galaxies beyond...
Just looked up some Mayan info, there is another date..the 23rd Dec 2012 which is heralded as IT, so er generally December is going to be less heavy on the Christmas madness, a bit more on the DIY side perhaps. Bunkers and the like, Bricolage should do well.
Perhaps its all true.
Where does God fit into all of this?
Why are we so obsessed with this seasons fashion colour in bed linen in our society?
What happened to folk music?
Something is seriously wrong with the world, that is obvious. But trying to fix it, rather than running away in a lizard suit is probably more useful. So...off the computer, head for the potager, if the rats haven't taken my spade.

I did see a film at the cinema, when I was about eleven, which incidentally was supporting 'cage aux folles' odd choice...about the The Nazca lines in Peru. The immense patterns drawn on the earth that can really only be appreciated as forms of animals etc from the air. If I was really going to wait for a passing space vessel, somewhere there would be my choice of bus stop, not rural France...we shall see...

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