Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Helas...pas de vache...

I was hoping to load up a little film of the visa's last dreamy perambulation to the casse auto,or rather, sweat inducing nightmare crawl with line of 'faché' drivers as car was only driving at about 10 KM per Hr...but blogger told me it was a bad film?? o.k was not a masterpiece worthy of Cannes, neither did it contain violence, swearing or dodgy blokes in leatherette.
Shame as I wanted to broadcast all the little squeaks and grinding noises which had become so familiar to me, oh well, here is a picture of the vache rump instead. Anyway, sob, she is no longer with us, and I will be looking out, in a relaxed fashion as we will try and make do with one car.... for another old character motor to take us to parchemin etc.
So if anyone has an old renault 4/5 citroen ami/ ford capri/anything else interesting, let me know.

On a serious note...I went and bought a bike helmet this morning as I intend to get out more on my wonderful shell suit coloured vide.G bike. This was prompted by of horrid piece of news from my godmother. One of her friends died from a head wound after falling off her bike while just 'nipping to the shops' makes one think....

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