Sunday, 17 July 2011

Potato saving scheme

In the early spring I dutifully put in the seed potatoes and looked forward to our rich bountiful harvest....
Due to very dry late spring, they came up and stayed rather...runty to say the least, one or two flowers bloomed and withered. As the ground was becoming akin to death valley, I dug them all up in one go. They made one fantastic curry and one 'poor man's potatoes'. Hummm..roughly two potato for the price of one, plus the faff of putting them in, compost etc. Usually totally effortless vegetable, maybe better next year...


this always varies according to whether one gets distracted by the cat scratching the sofa, phone call or whatever, thus differing (is this a word?) the texture of the spud.

Boil water, put washed but not peeled spuds in, roughly chopped to big bite sizes. When possible to poke with a fork, drain. Heat olive oil to dangerous hot, throw in potatoes and lashings of chopped garlic plus some fresh red chilli if you like things a bit 'piquant'. Leave to stick to the bottom until someone says "is something burning", turn them over (spuds, not person) well you can do that too if you like...and cook until well browned. Turn into fancy rustic dish and serve with sour cream and chives, home made tomato sauce, or HP is pretty good.

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