Thursday, 15 September 2011

Onwards and forwards...

The boy person has grown up a lot over the summer, (As is to be expected...) I am no longer alowed to say "it's time for snuggly bed"...well only to Mark anyway, and if I walk with him to college, the gap widens between him and me as we approach the establishment, all good normal stuff. He has been through many many phases, reptiles, roller blading, mice, electronics, chemistry, Japanese cooking, knitting, art generally and drumming. The last two are the ones that are sticking the most, and in particular the art of animation at the moment. Here he is with parrot helper (providing hideous squawking and ample amounts of poo) with his program 'Flash' for animators. I think this one might stick as an obsession/thing to do in life, its a good melange of imagination, drawing skills and techno stuff, well time will tell,I think I may have only just figured out what I want to do many decades on from him, if he's anything like us he may take a very wandery path through life's forest, going off at tangents to look at a new butterfly here, falling into a muddy pond there, but generally having an interesting time. Or maybe he will be one of those people who say 'I just always new I wanted to be a.....probably simpler, but in the world as it is now perhaps it will be easier to turn ones hand to cooking, gardening, writing,taxi driving, whatever, seems like the days of sticking it out for the gold clock are a long way off.

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