Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Post for Mark. Happy V day.

Every year since I have known Mark we have spent Valentines day either apart due to a gig/work generally, or it has passed by unnoticed. Odd when shops are suddenly transformed into red, pulsating flower filled dens of . . .romance, well not the dog washing palour perhaps, but all others that can think of an excuse to sell more of anything.
This year Mark is in Brum on this day, but a bunch of red roses had been left (with price tag)on the kitchen worktop. Yes we are edging ever nearer to a full blown MEAL OUT in candlelit restaurant situation. Thanks darling. I was going to embarrass you with a single red rose via interflora turning up in the middle of a world music lecture . . .remember that?? BUT, I got sidetracked dealing with other people's burst pipes.
When Mark rang me this morning to say something lovely, I think he was anyway, I looked exceptional. This photo is the closest representaion I could find, except I wasn't wearing a top hat and the dog now only has three legs. But you get the idea.I would like to have been in a flowing pink Bette Davis gown languidly holding three bouquets of roses from various admirers . . .was actually in filthy jogging pants, leopard skin slippers clutching firewood, and with hair like a wookie.
Next year . . .

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