Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Adieu Carnaval.

Last day of the carnival. We have seen the late part, the burning of the 'effigy': this year's being— a charming scene of a man opening his raincoat to a woman with huge breasts looking out of her window, to reveal a long green serpent . . .but decided to stick to the early 'sortie' this being light hearted and generally a good atmosphere. The late evening does live up to its name and becomes a bit sordid, despite the trial of the Carnaval, in Occitan, and the subsequent burning being eerily fascinating. I did go out for a brief tour at 10.00am dressed in orange and yellow with a huge hat covered in lemons, outfit left over from a previous years 'theme' with our band.
Anyway, back to this film. This group, I think called les Bodegas, usually play for this evening and I love the slightly haunting rendition of their versions of Carnaval tunes. Not sure if the main instruments are sheep or pig bodies . . .

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