Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The afterlife.

Been thinking a lot about what happens after we shuffle off this . . . lately. Only in an abstract way, while hoovering or walking the dogs, that sort of thing. There is nothing like someone you know departing from this life to make you think. To put it into a happier form of pondering I have developed a theory. If you are a relatively good person in life, kind to others, non-complaining etc and you get to sit around in heaven or wherever, perhaps you will do so with people you really like and/or, admire/are intrigued by. A sort of sliding scale of numbers: one or two nice folks if you were well behaved enough up to twenty perhaps if you were an early angel. It could be loved ones, friends or people you have admired. here are a few bods I would very much like to encounter in the next episode so to speak, apart from my own friends and family. Kenneth Williams, see classic film clip: Jane Austin, Alec Guiness, Bette Davies, Fanny Craddock, Douglas Adams, Picasso, John Lennon. just a top of head list, but I think it would be an interesting melange: plenty to talk about . . .

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