Sunday, 17 February 2013

February 2

Sorry to complain, what a lovely month: yesterday and today anyway.
After the dim days the sun and shining countryside is extraordinary. Everyone seems happy. Even Ezra who professes to like drizzle and cold misty days, had to admit it is beautiful today.
Here is my favourite view above Limoux: olive field, pine trees and a little cabin which I believe is called 'quatre vents' which I can imagine is very apt during a lot of the year.

I went out yesterday in the late afternoon sun and joined the 'goudils' prancing around the square. (Not me as the Queen or the green man) Meaning the people who dance behind the main Carnaval group of the day, and the musicians. It was packed: nuns with false breasts, cave men, monks with copies of cheeky mags, snowboarders, clowns and a group of chefs cavorting with leeks, dodgy pieces of horse meat (topical) and a huge soup pot on wheels. Leeks feature a lot in the carnaval, as do raw fish, presidential masks, dildos, false parts of bodies and as mentioned before nuns and other ecclesiastical figures.

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