Monday, 13 May 2013

Artistes à Suivre 2013

Ooh, It's been a busy week.
Thank you Victoria and the team once again! We didn't get to see much art as we were occupied with music projects.
Stan, Mark and Charlotte's electronic music and light installation was on the Thursday eve: suitably atmospheric, dismal rainy eve. The sounds were eerie and beautiful working perfectly with the slow changing 'planets' of light that mysteriously ebbed and flowed onto the old factory walls.

Mark's piano concert on Friday eve was . . . magnificent, really quite extraordinary, and I'm not just saying that because he's 'my man'. His own pieces 'Winter Leaves' are a fascinating cross section of sounds from methodical thoughtfulness through to rampant crashing rhythms, each dedicated to a musician or artist friend.

The interval was given over to the 'preparation' of the piano by Stan and Mark for John Cage's Amores I and IV. After the reflective, gamelan-like sounds of Mr Cage, we were treated to a national grid's worth of energy with John Adam's Phrygian Gates. I could listen to the piece for hours; it lasts about twenty five minutes which is just as well as Mark's hands may well have decided it was time for bed.
Here is an extract. Ah, in fact . . . it's loaded itself onto the following post.

On Friday and Sunday, Gill, Dave and Mark read some extracts from my book 'Going out in the Midday Sun' - great to hear it read out loud.

Saturday our Rock'n'Roll band, Les Quat' Cats, played at le hameau Toziels for the festival: great evening, lovely ambience.
Today, back to trying to tame the garden after continual rain and sun, boring in-tray stuff and whatever we were doing before this full-on week.

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