Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines day

Breaking the time honoured tradition of not even noticing that this much-hyped day is passing, we are going out FOR LUNCH. Incredible. No sign of a delivery man staggering under the weight of red roses at the front door, but it's a start.
I just had to post a picture of, I forget which, bridge in Paris where breathless, intoxicated lovers pause from a pink world of passion, and clamp a small padlock engraved with a few meaningful words onto the link fence.


How wonderful, I breathed, observing all these trinkets when were in that magical city, a couple of summers ago. People must travel from thousands of miles with this idea of romantic gesture carried close to their hearts; or perhaps rush to a Cordonnier (cobbler type business) on a whim, padlock in sweaty hand after being caught in a torrid holiday romance . . . ahhh.

This heady romantic idea was somewhat squashed by a feature on Telematin this morning, however.
For a price, you can order on the internet, a padlock, (size, colour to be determined) with your engraved message. Then presumably some French bod will go and whap it onto the fence along with the rest of the orders.
C-o-m-e -o-n, where's the romance in that.
I don't know . . . Goes into kitchen to put kettle on . . . 

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