Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The annual horticultural show

Something I thought might have died out — but no! alive and going very strong in my childhood town of Wimborne, Dorset, and I hope elsewhere.
My recent trip back coincided with the show so I decided to find out if things had changed much since I had included my Begonia Rex in the show, hoping its glossy leaves and happy disposition might have won me something (back in about 1975.)
The years fell away as I entered the hall; nothing had changed, except me. The same curtains, winner's cups, cakes, jam, scary giant blooms and onions, each balanced lovingly on a white paper cardboard pedestal.
I did feel there had been perhaps less enthusiasm in the children's art section — sign of the times perhaps, and more interest in Facebook than drawing flowers (sound of old git sighing - me)
Here are a few of the splendiferous edibles and non-edibles on display.

Biggest marrow, longest runner bean, most perfect rose . . . 

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