Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Remarkable days

there are many un-remarkable days in life, okay-ish days, pleasant days and then some really special ones. Yesterday was one of those for me.
Not only was I about to embark on a few days of exploration of The Ariege with my son, but I received a message from 'Cracked Eye' to say that my story 'The Hundred and Eighty-Fifth Book' was live on their site - the audio version, as read by Mr (fabulous) Anton Lesser.
Throwing all else aside I sat and listened to his voice pronouncing MY words - wow.
His reading of it is perfect.
Thanks, Cracked Eye, Robert Rigby, for the production, Mark Lockett, my husband, for the superb accompanying music, and of course, Mr Lesser.


  1. Lucky you! I love Anton Lesser's voice.

    1. I do feel very lucky, and his voice is divine!