Thursday, 13 October 2016

In praise of lentils

I was trying to find the clip of when the cooker explodes and Neil scrapes up the remaining lentils - "Still be able to get some portions together, man," or similar wonderful script.
Anyway, this extract is great too.

But seriously folks, lentils are just the best thing on the planet  . . . man. Incredibly cheap, full of vitamins, protein, folic acid, and great fibre. I've no idea of the figures but if everyone would deign to eat more of these and far less meat . . . well, less land destruction, cow gas, health issues, etc, etc.

Recently I discovered you don't even have to soak them, just boil them up, add them to other veg, a scrap of bacon or fish, or even on their own with a dollop of butter and garlic.
They were a staple of the French diet (as in many other countries) once and I have seen them re-appearing increasingly on menues that embrace vegetables and beans as an alternative to meat. Right, off to try making lentil and tomato pâté.

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