Sunday, 20 May 2018

just when you think . . .

everyone is waking up to the fact that the environment is in desperate need of help - demand for less packaging, more eco-friendly stuff appearing, etc etc, you go into Waitrose . . . I went in to get some chilies (they do excellent ones) and stood gawping at the toilet paper isle - for rather a long time. What do we need to wipe our bums with? White, or preferably off-white, recycled stuff made from newspaper or the like . . . not triple layered quilted paper with extracts of CASHMERE. Or Jojoba or aloe vera.


Admittedly we've come a long way from the weird shiny pale green sheets of tracing paper we had in the 70s - IZAL but kitten soft, and all the rest of the marketing meetings garbage - nope.
And why? is all this paper encased in plastic? Even our eco-shop ones are. I seem to recall Andrex  being wrapped in paper (with cute puppies on it). I think with what the paper is actually going to be doing the possibility of hygiene issues seems unlikely; cost? ease? less damage, whatever it is, I'm sure most people would rather not throw yet more plastic.
Recycled paper covering recycled paper preferably with no added scent, padding, flower/kittens embossings; less expensive, less waste and less clogging up of drains.

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