Sunday, 10 January 2010

Cross over point

Managed to start a new painting between wood chopping, trying to dry washing and keeping members of the house happy. Thought the day was lost when I trod in a 'hidden in snow' dog poo in my new Super U slippers while chasing a big bastard dog out of the garden. Slunk to the computer and started looking up property prices in parts of Corsica where they don't get this white inconvenient stuff. Stopped just in time and slapped Gesso on a piece of MDF instead.
So it's a start. This was a journey between Winchester and Poole. My notes tell me it is an image heavy with dead bracken, dark pools of water, and hints of bright green, near to frost grass. I can only see it at the moment in icy azure tones, due, I suppose to the current weather conditions . . . could be an interesting struggle of ideas here.

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