Saturday, 16 January 2010

Yes, its that time again

You either love it or hate it. CARNAVAL de Limoux.
We love it, maybe its because I'm a Limouxerner . . . 
Here I am dressed as Madame Toutou-net (clean dog — rough translation) part of our carnaval theme a couple of years ago. This year's theme will be revealed next Saturday at 10.00am in the town square. 
Last night, we went (me and Ezra) to one of the best, possibly THE best theatre/circus event ever; a supreme piece of creative madness, humour, beauty and incredible acrobatics. I haven't laughed so much since I saw Eddie Izzard performing in Derby.
Well, one can still be continually surprised and learn new stuff every day, even in farty old middle age — like the fact that our small town can occasionally put on performances of exceptional quality.
Another very small but wonderful thing I learnt this morning, due the nearest boulangerie being closed, was that Pujola's croissants are the best in the world.


  1. so very french, I can't imagine anything like the carnaval taking place in any of the towns I've lived in in England!
    and bravo for the croissant discovery, our decent baker changed hands a few months ago and our quality of life has declined somewhat :(

  2. Time to exhume the tune . . . Cat was always cute tho'!