Wednesday, 16 May 2012

What if . . .

It was one of those days yesterday. Maybe it's just being menopausal or a few of my mothers genes leaking out . . .the 'supposing that mountain were to fall on us' ones.
A feeling as if something sinister was about to happen. Possibly not helped by the cat leaving a headless rat on the doorstep, or the fact that the Greek economy seems about to collapse, thus presenting a million questions about the eurozone and everyone in it. The day before, the water had been cut off. We had been deprived overnight, a whole few hours, no fresh water—what is the world coming too . . .? Worrying isn't it. Worrying when you start to think about what would happen if the water was really cut off . . .or the electricity or both. No youtube. No tea. Imagine a hospital after day with no electricity. How quickly would panic set in. Right, I'm going to stop now and do my mother's accounts which although boring beyond belief will instill some kind of quiet order. Aggghhhh . . .

1 comment:

  1. Hospitals have own electric powers. Do not worry in advance.
    Menopausal moods kill me. I hate them.