Wednesday, 22 August 2012


 Woopee, family holiday. Two day break in our favourite place. Tiny town or seaside village next to the Spanish border. I have probably blogged many times about this magical place, so indulge me once again . . .
Unlike Cadaques, (we tried to visit but gave up when encountering the five mile tail back to get into the town) Cerbere was fairly quiet: our usual cove, (above) was this time completely full of the most wonderful driftwood. we several happy hours collecting it and making rubbish boats that capsized. Mark fashioned a few pentatonic xylophones and we entertained, or not, the other beach dwellers with a few impromptu concerts. (see his blog, noise in the hothouse, link to the right.)
Here is the happy family pictured with a fine specimen of a 'dog-head train' on one of our numerous rambles around the fabulous station sidings area.

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