Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Woopee, family holiday. Two day break in our favourite place - tiny town or seaside village next to the Spanish border. I have probably blogged many times about this magical place,  but indulge me once again . . .
Unlike Cadaques, (we tried to visit but gave up when encountering the five mile tail-back to get into the town) Cerbère was fairly quiet. Our usual cove, (above) was this time completely full of the most wonderful driftwood. We several happy hours collecting it and making rubbish boats that capsized. Mark fashioned a few pentatonic xylophones and we entertained, or not, the other beach dwellers with a an impromptu concert.
Below: the happy family pictured with a fine specimen of a 'dog-head train' on one of our numerous rambles around the station sidings area.

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