Tuesday, 14 August 2012


In Paris. Confusing as to what to eat first really
Actually we were very restrained: low budget Chinese eat as much as you can buffet, plates of pasta, goats cheese salad etc. There is so much choice and nearly every restaurant seems to be my favourite place—the wealth of cosy dark bistros with bentwood chairs and checked tablecloths is overwhelming . . . those little round metal tables and the wicker chairs, ahhh, if only somebody would make one in Limoux.
Mmm, maybe we should, cue idea that comes and goes.
These photos are from a food emporium we found near 'Les Grands Boulevards' This is heaven indeed, to me anyway. It's an ex-soup kitchen, founded in early in the 1900's I would think. It still has all the original features, lamps, loos, and possibly waiters. BIG hearty food, see pic of my 'pot au feu' no messing about, delicious and served with a click clack Parisian waiter style. They scribble the order on the paper cloth, deposit bread and water and are off in a blur to the next table.It's popularity is evident: I think all the three hundred or so seats were occupied: Mark was sternly told to stop splaying himself about so that the two chairs next to us could be used, fair enough . . .
The menus are on paper with the Restaurant heading in Art Nouveau script, suggestions of the day marked in a seperate box. That day was the dish aforementioned, trout, and prunes with vanilla ice cream, (not with the trout.) It all cost something like fourteen euros inc wine, and was memorable in it's copiousness and flavour.

Chartier: we will return.

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