Monday, 8 October 2012


I had to put this here . . .an explanation:
In everyone's families, unless we are an exception and I think not, there are quirky phrases and familiar things that slip into everyday-ness.
Years ago, when Ezra used to start a long and rambling story or idea, when he paused for what seemed an interminable time, I would insert the word 'fishcake', cruel, yes. It became a re-occuring household joke. One day I thought I would lookup 'fishcake' on the newly-burgeoning 'youtube' and there it was, a marvelous piece of madness; a rambling tuneful ode to these crumb-encrusted entities.
It is now sung around the house, mainly by Ezra in variations that Kurt Schwitters would have reveled in; my favourite being the 'version Francaise'. If I can catch it on film, it will join this one on Youtube.
By the way, the Thornton family — if you happen upon this post, does the narrator have a slight resemblance to someone . . .

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