Monday, 22 April 2013

springtime and the beezes are buzzin'

Thank God. We've heard some sad tales of the vile 'Asiatic hornet' recently — slicing bee's heads off then devouring the body, killing off whole hives at a time. Apparently these creatures arrived in a packing case of crockery from China and now are causing major problems to bee keepers of Southern France.
There are masses of bees in the garden of the Hot house at the moment: huge black by-plane type ones that bash into things, the humble bumble, orange bottomed bees and many types of common honey bee. The leave-cutter species are back, making nests in the holes in our terrace table: how do they know where to go? perhaps it's the same very old bees each years — ahh, there it is Mavis, just hold my stick will you while I try to land . . .woooaahh . . . oh damnation, missed — must get some new specs.
Here are some lovely plants with lovely bees, inc borage, marigolds, and the invasive but magnificent Judas tree.

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