Sunday, 3 November 2013

Size of thighs

I was browsing the Guardian-online earlier; there was an article about how women now have something else to worry about — not just their thighs size, but the GAP in between . . . WHAT!
Of course I had to then look up lots of info about this and got sidetracked onto terrifying Tumbler sites where people (women) take photos of their 'gaps' and their progress in making the gaps wider.
WTF is wrong with us, that we should worry about such things? I say 'we' as it hasn't yet crossed my mind: fat ankles yes — I'd rather have lower limbs like Bambi . . . or perhaps not literally, finding footwear could be challenging, but yes svelte, perfect sexy, smooth, all that stuff, but they remain quite . . . chunky — not the end of the world, occasionally cause for a moments wistful reflection, but really life is too short.
Of course if you type in 'starving women' or something similar, you really get to see what a thigh gap is, plus exposed ribs, collar bones like wire coat hangers etc. Why do people want to emulate this, when they have no cause to? Is it for men? I don't think most men I know would like to caress bones: soft curves, or toned muscle seems more likely.
Is it a power thing? women to women — hey look at me, I've got a chest like a pre-pub boy and an impressive gap.
Every now and again there's a bit of press hype about how the 50s fuller figure is returning to the catwalk — er, where? A bit of info about how eating miniscule amounts is generally not a great idea, but celebs now seem to be aiming for size - 0, and what they do, people will follow. Sad.
I'm now going to eat some fabulous coffee and walnut cake (A Mark triumph) and take the dogs out, just enough to wear it off a bit, and not look at my thigh gap on my return.

Not me

Actually a Romanian model with a natural 20 inch waist and proud owner of an impressive thigh gap. She claims to eat masses inc choc and crisps.
I'm not sure where she keeps her internal organs: perhaps in an attractive matching clutch bag?

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