Thursday, 14 November 2013


I had to go to Carcassonne today, to challenge Ezra's school as to why we had received a huge canteen bill. Matter resolved, and surprisingly easily, I had an hour before the train back. The local café seemed to be closed and my favourite second hand shop not open till 10am.
I decided to see what photographic wonders there were within about 200 metres of his place of learning.

I was glad to re-visit this rock. I took a picture of it before but it must have moved and the image was blurred.
    I think it has been put there so that the small plastic chain attached to it will stop people attempting to park next to the building. Seems like a large thing to move for that purpose. Or maybe the rock has always been there? the shopping precinct built round it.

Just opposite the rock and the precinct is an impressive gate. Usually this is shut, but today it stood invitingly open. The garden was a wasteland with bulldozer parts scattered amongst the trees. The door was open and as my son wasn't with me saying Mum! you can't just go in there, I did.
    It must have been an important house in this once-elegant area of the city: a 'Maison de Maitre'.   Little remained inside of its original charm, and I didn't inspect too far as most of the ceilings looked as if they were about to meet the floors. I suppose it will become flats, each with plastic windows, egg-box doors and plaster-board walls.
    It would have been wonderful just to be able to peep back into time for a few minutes and see the place as it was before the corrugated shops and car park on the other side of the road.

as I returned to the station I saw a very sad palm tree . . .

 . . . and a small red alien waiting for an intergalactic bus, a few meters from the school.

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