Saturday, 12 July 2014

Day brightener

Thank you to whoever put this on Youtube . . .

my day that seemed to have wandered off, arms folded and grumbling was suddenly a thing of brightness and hilarity.
The setting, the grooving crowd, the small alien dressed in blue and Claudia herself playing the base line in shiny stilettos . . . magnificent.
I'd only looked up the spelling of Klaus Wunderlich, and suddenly found myself in a whole world of shiny, plastic organs and teethy folk playing to almost static crowds.  If you have 4.29 minutes spare, click on the image of the man clutching a super set of panpipes which will appear at the end of this film: the sunset background, the organ, the pipes, the title of the piece — A morning in Cornwall by James Last. Not quite the morning I spent in a traffic jam around Exeter . . .

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