Monday, 27 April 2015

Car Boot Booty

Or in this case - Vide Grenier Booty, (Vide Grenier = UK's car boot sale or USA's garage sale) and this one, last Sunday, was the first haul of the year.
We are total Vide Grenier (empty out attic) addicts. This was the first of the season and it was a good start.

For twenty euros:
A large and ancient but pretty bedcover, daft, red shoes (rather a good make), two antique lace curtains, a retro board game for Ezra to study the elements of (into making his own board games) the oldest recording of the Carnaval de Limoux, a text book on Easter Island, a rather beautiful ash tray for our 'Workaway' guest, four porcelaine ramekins, a bundle of old wooden and wire plant ties, a white mohair jumper and a wooden bench.
This was a particularly good example of how V.G's should be: friendly and no stupid prices - the concept being that you offload a pile of stuff you don't want, earn a bit of cash, have a natter with your fellow stall-holders, drink some coffee provided by the village holding the event, and try not to come away with more than you had taken there in the morning.

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