Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Hoover bag rant

Or I should say Miele bag rant as that's the type we possess at the moment.

We inherited a smallish pale yellow aspirator from my mother when she moved to a home and no longer needed to remove dust from her surroundings.
It's absolutely fine as hoovers go, except it's almost impossible to find bags for it in a shop, well actually totally impossible, unless I wanted to drive to Toulouse for a day and mooch around a hundred different electrical sheds in the hope of stumbling upon the right type. Which I don't.
I thought it would be possible to locate the bags in our local mega-supermarket, but no, as the thing is now about eight years old now and probably well out of fashion: I mean yellow, really!
The bag crisis looms every few months or so as we don't go in for huge amounts of dust removal generally - a broom and dusters mainly suffice, but as summer approaches and our guest room becomes inhabited, a higher level of dust attention is needed.
Last time Mark bought some 'fits any size' type bags which were OK apart from a bit of leaking, but even those seem to have disappeared from the supermarket.
Yesterday I crept towards Amazon knowing it would be the only choice whereupon Mark decided there must be another way - a small local company, somewhere. Nope. But he did find a business called 'Aspirateur sacs sont nous' or something, so I scanned the page(s) in the hope of finding the correct bags.

There were over four hundred types of Miele hoovers listed. Four . . . h u n d r e d. Why?
Why cannot each company make one basic model and upgrade it every few years or so?
Do you really need a hoover called Black Pearl, or Sunshine, or Big Cat and Dog (I liked this one) Passion- (just feel that vibration, Darling,) Best friend, Blue Moon (singing model?) Champagne!! Hey, Honey . . . I've done the hoovering - break out that bottle of Dom. P.   Exclusive - what no one else is going to have one on this planet? Flamenco, Exquisite  (no one could call their chunk of wheely plastic, exqusite) Indian Summer- WHAT?! Meteor - mm, sounds a bit heavy, Jazz, Noblesse - Oh, for God's sake who has the job of naming these things . . .
Anyway, more than  four hundred, but not our one.
So Amazon it was as Mark was slipping into the consumer - do we need to buy a new Bagless type- No we do not. I will fabricate our own bags out of old pants if necessary.

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