Thursday, 25 June 2015

Evening out

While waiting to see a local band we particularly like - Tzigans in Royces - play in Marseillette (small town near Carcassonne) we had a wander around Douzens and Capendu.

Think this garden was in the former town. Having packed no food we were beginning to wilt and had looked hopefully through the gates as there was a sign saying restaurant - either a joke or something left over from a venture closed many years ago.
As we wandered vaguely, hoping to find at the least, a pizza place (how many are there in the South of France - three million, perhaps: but not in Douzens).
We did find an eatery in Capendu - Pizza, n'est pas, and continued wandering/eating and observing the delights of small overlooked French towns until it was time to see the band. Back at the 'Salle de Peuple' sound checks were happening, sausage sandwiches being consumed and illegal substances clouding the air.
Remembering that Marseillette produces rice (seems unlikely here) we went for a drive to see paddy fields and yak but found nothing except some interesting houses and small canals - a bit like a miniature Camargue.

Ezra, having done his own band rehearsal the evening before was almost asleep, and keening to go home. 'They're on at 8.00" I protested as I drove back to the hall. 8.00 came and went and the stage became occupied with a support act in the shape of one man with great hair and a guitar. He proceeded to play along to a backing track for an hour and a half - technically pretty good, but mind-achingly boring/loud.

The Tzigans were hanging around outside, readily adorned with their rather fetching makeup, so I went and had a chat while the guitar-shredding continued.
By the time the group got onstage Ezra was 90% asleep so I heard two numbers and drove home feeling peeved and too full of bread (pizza and sandwich).
I might try and go and see them at La Palme. If you read this and live somewhere in this region, they are well worth a trip.

 Tzigan's bass player

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