Monday, 9 April 2012

Important public announcement

Hello there,
inspired by a link of how to peel a potato in seconds via the Daily Mail sent to me by Penny, (I assume in irony . . .) I had a quick look for other vital time saving items on youtube. Thought this could help anyone planning a party event: I particularly like the slip of speech around the middle somewhere, and the use of the words 'feeding each other', oddly creepy . . .
The newspaper also helpfully told me that I might spend two and a half months brushing my teeth in my life, or three years cooking. Makes one think . . .four months in the loo? four years in the loo? depending on your digestion, seven years queuing in the post office if you happen to live in our town.
Just as well we don't actually have to lump it into one time slot. Imagine, having to sit in your bank manager's office for two months explaining why your account is out of control, or . . .a hangover that lasts for eight months, or eight years, again depending on your alcohol consumption . . .six years looking for your wallet/keys/dog/where you parked the car.

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