Saturday, 9 March 2013

Building No 17

Do you have anything to declare?
Yes. The intention to buy this place, do it up and make it into a fabulous bar/restaurant called border point or something.
This building or rather collection of buildings is of constant fascination to Mark and I. It's the old customs control between France and Spain, high up above our beloved small seaside town, Cerbere. I don't know how long it's been abandoned, whenever they stopped checking passports obviously, anyway a long time. The 50s rounded structure in the middle of the road still has a coat rack inside, a couple of desks and the ghosts of long deceased rubber stamp-weilding customs officers. Even some brooms and dustpans — there, all done, well I'll lock up and er . . . well see you then . . 

I stayed in a B and B in Cerbere a few months back and the owners, who seemed to know all manner of news about the town, said that apparently the buildings are owned by a man who refuses to sell them and hangs onto the license for the bar by opening it once a year, thus preventing anyone else doing anything with it. Bastard. It would be such an awe-inspiring place to sit and have a beer . . .

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