Sunday, 10 March 2013

Building No 18

Look at this place . . . is it not an incredible structure. Maybe not compared to Sydney Opera house, or the the Taj Mahal, but its presence in this wild, windswept part of Spain is heart-stopping none the less.
When we first saw 'Restaurant Cap Creus' it was rather more crumbly looking, which I preferred, being an admirer of the crumbly genre of building, however, I'm sure it was necessary to slap a few coats on in order to combat the horizontal rain and violent winds.
This time we visited, we had just stocked up as much food as possible from the hotel buffet, so food was not actually important — most unusual. So we just had a cold drink, gazing out over the impossibly beautiful sea, inlets, coastlines and rugged surrounding hills. I looked at the trip advisor reviews and had never seen such variety from total snarling hatred through to, this changed my life, thank you guys. It seems the chef and owner has good days and bad days like us all, but I for one salut him for getting this place up and running and it being there to offer delicious looking fish dishes, tapas and beers to weary hitch hikers. Actually most people there seemed to have rolled up in shining Audis and had deigned to walk 30 metres to the terrace in their leather jackets and reflective sunglasses.

I was so taken with this building the first time we visited the region that it's become the basis for 'The Mad Dog Café' in my series of novels, but set somewhere on a hill near Cerbere and Banyuls-sur-mer

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