Monday, 18 March 2013

French car ads

What  . . . were they thinking. On so many levels this is . . . creepy, weird, worrying and certainly wouldn't make me want to buy this car. In fact it's so awful, I can't remember what the car is like. Could have been a Robin reliant for all I know.
French ads seems to fall into a small number of categories: cheese, chocolate, cars, yoghurt, double glazing
and insurance. Can't think of many other ones. The cars ads are almost all the same — sleek silver car in a  cityscape driven by gorgeous, lightly stubbled, pale grey silk suited 'business man' happily cocooned in his private world of brand new grey plastic and pretend chrome.

Damn. They won't let me upload it. But if you have a mo . . . look up on youtube Citroen baby advert 2013.

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