Monday, 7 October 2013

Building No 27

Edge of a housing estate in a forgotten part of the West Midlands? edge of Catford? Bracknell? No this building is situated on the spit of land called Sandbanks in Dorset, the fourth most expensive strip of land in the world . . . land there is still priced at nearly 10.000 pounds a square meter, despite house prices falling after the crash.
I went there on a warm but overcast day in September; an imaginary chill wind of inner-city February weather whipped around me, complete with crisp packets and pigeon feathers. Just the sight of that 1970's clumsy construction was enough to convince me that I had actually been removed back to our scabby Birmingham road and that I was no longer standing on a strip of land between two pieces of sea, lined with gleaming four by fours and happy wind-surfers.

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