Saturday, 19 October 2013


I remember that program from the good old 70's, well, sort of. We didn't have a T.V at that point (what!) but when I used to go round to Andrea's house, them of the purple shag-pile carpets and white globular furniture, I would occasionally watch said program.
I don't think at any point they ever touched on HOW long you could re-use chip oil, which is what, in a  brief moment of mmm — I wonder, I looked up on the net this morning.
I always pause for a while to look at what is suggested as one types in the search words. Here's what came up as I prodded the keyboard.

HOW: I met your mother
            to tie a tie
            to kiss
            to twerk
            take a screenshot on a mac. 

This is worrying. No — how to plant potatoes, or snare a fish, kill wolves, tell if you are going mad etc.
Twerk: a pathetic flash-in-the-pan thing of our sad age is No 3 on the net's suggestions of HOW.

HOW MANY: Countries in the world
                         Grams in a cup
                         Days until Christmas — W.T.F! I mean, really!

HOW MANY TIMES: A week should I run 
                                      Can a wasp sting
                                      Can you get shingles
                                      Take plan b — mysterious!
                                      Can the doctor regenerate? What? oh, I see. DrWho.
I was thinking of the average G.P. How many times can he regenerate? Well let's see, they must get pretty tired after a day of  looking at warts and stuff — a hundred?


                                                                        Coffee grounds
                                                                        A water bottle
                                                                        Chip oil — thank you!

Daily mail pic

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