Monday, 6 July 2015

before autotune

I was going to have rant after watching THE Rhianna vid, but (yawn) I can't be bothered . . . when did popular music become so un-music, so sterile, humourless and narky about . . . what, nothing much. So, her accountant had a problem with his Casio calculator and lost her a few million - which she then went on to get back with serious knobs and bells on, no doubt, so what?

I had a quick trawl to try and find some R and B/rap with something to say, and typed in Rap/future - i.e future of mankind. I found a great video of someone singing about gardening - Home Grown, but sadly not shareable to blog, then came across another angry person, weighed down with gold, called Future. Not sure what he was angry about but his song entitled Honest (autotuned to death) seemed to be about having as many languid-looking females as possible, wearing more than two watches, gold, white grand pianos, coke, planting out seed potatoes (no) cars, pools . . . yawn.

Anyway here's a favourite film clip with real music.

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