Friday, 17 July 2015

Further, further, further, further proof

That the world is a mad and dangerous place.

A friend just alerted us to this new gadget as sold on Amazon (who perhaps should know better - err, maybe not).

Rhik Samadder and the emerging egg substance

The Eggmaster.
A pink plastic device looking worryingly like something from a seedy adult online store (never looked at one I must hasten to add) with grippy black rubber sides and a flashing light . . . hmm.
According to Rhik Samadder's review in the Guardian you have to spray a non stick agent into the container first - sounds most appetising - crack two eggs into the already hot tunnel, wait awhile until a smelly tubular sponge appears, waving about like Alien from John Hurt's chest.
What's wrong with two eggs-cup-fork-pan = fried egg, or egg on toast, scrambled egg, poached egg, egg on camping gas stove, boiled egg, hard-boiled egg . . . time consuming? messy? no more than trying to figure out how to clean the new piece of landfill you might have eagerly unwrapped from Uncle Amazon.

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