Thursday, 1 September 2016

Something everyone should see

We watched Mr Moore's latest last night. Although a tad simplistic, (and it would have to be to cover such an immense topic), it was totally engrossing, informative and hilarious viewing.
Moore 'invades' and takes back to his troubled homeland, ideas gleaned from many countries (quite a few of the 'ideas' being originally American propositions!)
Some examples being, Finland's extraordinary education system, Portugal's no policing of drugs policy, Italy's workers' huge amounts of paid holiday and Norway's extraordinarily effective prison systems.
The message we were left with as viewers was, and we probably already knew this but it was great to see it being voiced so eloquently, was that in societies where 'society' is put first and workers are happy in their jobs - enough down-time, respected, paid properly and health care provided, and the 'bosses' take less, put workers and their company as a whole first, it works! Really? Yes!
"It's just common sense," said the Italian owner of a clothes factory.

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