Monday, 19 September 2016

words and action

Mark and I had helped set up the Wirksworth (Derbyshire) Festival back about twenty years ago.
This year they invited us back to perform something of our choice. As I am currently involved with the last stages of developing my book, Hoxton, I suggested some readings.
Fast forward to just before the festival and we - myself, and more importantly two excellent actor friends from the town, had more than just readings prepared.
During the day we rounded up props and costumes, and then in the evening they performed while I sat back and watched with amazement, and joy! my written words come to life on stage.
Debbie played Hoxton beautifully and Paddy wowed the audience with his stock of many perfectly-honed accents (he played about five characters linked together by a narrator in the form of 'Jake the Prophet')
Here they are in Hoxton's 'vestry' in St Leonard's church in Londonia 2070 talking about Marmite, (think it was that point).

                                                    Photographs by Nick Lockett

If you are ever in Wirksworth for the festival, make sure you see Paddy and Debbie perform alongside other wonderful actors in the company 'The St John's Street theatre'. This years play 'All Fools' written by Tony Jones was, as always, a visual and audial treat!

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