Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Climate change, zombie cereal ads and selfi-spoons

After reading a particularly worrying article on melting glaciers in the Guardian this morning I somehow ended up wandering into another piece about food products designed to allow you to carry on instagramming while eating snack foods . . . Yes. In Japan, much thought has been put into creating pre-smashed crisps that you can 'drink' and thus not have to coat your phone in grease.
Mc Donalds has also created special plastic chip-spears to elevate this stress, and praise the Lord, someone has invented the Selfi-spoon . . . Mm-hm, you can eat and snap at the same time.
A hole the size of Manhattan has been discovered in an Antarctic glacier, but don't worry your phone will no longer have to be greasy. Phew.
Highlighted within this article was a link to this scary ad for? I can't even remember which cereal brand as I was so petrified. Says everything about where we are really. Crap food (?) promoted with the most annoying song ever, dumbed-down, pastel tones, glazed/zombie expressions, and a selfi-spoon. Who are all these people and why do they suddenly invade this house owned by a milk-slurping ménage à trois?

selfi-spoon in many colour ways.

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