Thursday, 21 February 2019

Oh, thank the Lord.

This anxiety has kept we awake off and on for years.
Finally, someone has done it! The fold-phone!
At last, we will be able to hurl our useless, oblong, flat, non-folding phones into the i-bin of time.
I'm even more beside myself with excitement to find out what this new Samsung item is to be called . . . Sorry, just have to sit down - phew, it's all a bit too much really.
So . . . The Fold.
What about, The Flexure, or The Double Thickness, or The Plicature, The Rimple - has a certain Victorian edge to it - maybe a version in mahogany with tassels and optional aspidistra. Of course that might set one back a little more than the standard model of around 2,000 quid.
Will we all have to get thumb extensions to deal with the screen width? Will they be annoyingly heavy?
What shall I do with my boring old oblong one? What will everyone else do with their boring oblong ones, and why isn't all this extraordinary technology being put into things that will possibly prolong humankind's life on this maligned sphere.

In this picture I must say it looks rather cumbersome if that's a real scale person.

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