Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Rats, chipboard and turkeys

I'm getting better at French but still, and possibly always will have to, consult online translation - or a dictionary/verb tables - but it's oh, so easy with Uncle Google ready for one's every key-tap.
But the process, if not observed closely enough, is fraught with howlers-waiting-to-happen.
This morning's was concerning a translation of a few phrases concerning rat-extermination. Having read about all alternative methods including getting a cat (not possible in this case) vinegar and black pepper, owl feathers (mm, not the easiest thing to procure,) bay leaves, onions, moth balls, scattered pictures of Nigel Farage's facial expressions, etc, and the situation being urgent, I decided it would have to be a company that do nothing else other than rub out rats. When sending an email about this to our builder friend I used translate and nearly sent him:
'I will be sending a company that fabricates rats to the property.' Useful!


                                                         image - knit for victory site 


                        The things people will knit ...

Over breakfast this morning Mark told me his latest translation stupidity. 'Carcassonne Agglo,' appeared as the 'chipboard box of Carcassonne'.

Here's a good one - thanks, The Local site - Fabricated in a turkey (Dinde being turkey in French).

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