Friday 23 July 2010

Hello world

We (Mark has gone a little grey and odd as you can see over this last month) are very pleased to announce that . . . we are back on cyberspace, or in it, whatever it is.

Thursday 15 July 2010

Ha ha aaaaaaaaa haaahhahhah

If we had internet, would have ordered two straight jackets and attractive padded cell in pink silk.
Maybe we have dropped into parallel universe? time travelled into century where phones are actually no longer used, just need to concentrate the mind a little . . . should be able to contact the director of the telecom company, possibly inflict some mild torture onto him while I'm at it.

Ha ha aaaaaaaaa

Saturday 10 July 2010

Friday 2 July 2010

Kafka's missing novel;

We found his unpublished manuscripts (in our shed) 'a stream of disorder' based on his real life experiences with a french phone company.
A story of a profound, twisted nightmare. The main characters —an ordinary family, just trying to get by — suddenly lose contact with the ouside world, thrown into the middle ages with no way to be able to find out important information: the weather, what vide-greniers are on, who wrote 'I see you shakin' that ass' etc, let alone down-loading it.
S.F.R a secret organisation (seriously feeble rodents) have a plan to undermine the giving of enjoyable music instruction to people of the Aude valley and to re-instate the tedious hours of music theory known as SOLFEDGE by taking away the means of communication with Dr Lockett. The plan works and Dr Lockett is forced to spend many hundreds of hours fighting against the weapons of 'after sales non-service', 'the customer is a plankton', and most deadly . . . 'BOF'.
The end of the manuscript is largely un-readable due to years of rat poo coverage, but we think it should finish in a suddenly happy way with new sparkling internet box, and huge compensation payouts for loss of work, and general stress all round . . .
Will tell all, if we ever find out.