Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Pilgrimage to South kensington

In these times of mass, same-name coffee shop invasion, it was greatly comforting to know that the 'Daquise' still inhabits this corner of London (just near the tube exit) — Polish restaurant awash with possible philosophers, writers and wonderful old birds with clanky jewellery.
It features a soothing and cosy interior with the original paintwork (possibly refreshed since my last visit) and cheery blonde waitresses.
I had the soup of the day rather than the usual beetroot‚ which was startling and delicious - sour vegetable with cream and egg.
Had a chat with one of the afore-mentioned older ladies about life in Paris and South Ken and then caught the next train to Kew.


  1. blimey, is that still there! Its older than me, how nice to know that something is the same. Did you try the Picasso in the Kings Road? Last time I was about it was there but the splendidly iffy murals had gone.

  2. Didn't get there...next time. The one I was really aiming for but ran out of time was the 'quality chop house (london's noted cup of tea) Farringdon rd. Amazing complete 1910's 20's experience...if its not Nero's by now.
    Found a very good site about London cafes, must re-find it.
    Are you going to be doing teas in your hillside palace? Me and Ezra would be straight there, we are caravan[tea/snuggling enthusiasts.