Thursday, 1 April 2010

Gravely Hill interchange.

Someone once described Mark as a polymath; in the words of a certain Spandau Ballet track, 'I know this much is true'.
This morning he excelled himself. Flitting elegantly from project to project it was a wonder to watch.
Jam tart making, after constructing his own (very rustic) pastry, mixing hallucinogenic sounds in his recording room, shovelling gravel in the drive and piecing together French text for the Hothouse Bed and Breakfast site.
Meanwhile in his head, many other projects are no doubt budding. Hazarding a guess I would say: how to find the money to buy a new mega-super electric piano he has been salivating about.
I love the way Mark introduces the subject of new music equipment. It sort of sidles up, all quiet and innocent in a nice new jumper with its hair combed. 'Its really amazing what this new piano can do — the recordings are just like a Steinway! It would mean we could' . . . etc etc .
I suppose I'm pretty similar; on with the next idea . . . see next post — end of DJ project.

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