Monday, 7 June 2010

One learns something everyday.

Yes indeed, even in advanced years.
Today I learned that it's a good idea to put supporting canes in WITH the tomato plants —  not three weeks later when the ground is rock-like.
Our lovely neighbour Andre had kindly donated me proper rustic bamboo canes for the job. I sallied (is this a word, am behind large glass of wine, too late to be doing this) forth into the veg patch and proceeded to push the canes in . . . about three centimeters. Result: much horrible cussing, boy offering glasses of water and foot massage in vein hope that I would calm down, and weird eventual structure like something I once saw in a Paul Nash etching.
Thank God I am not an architect. My buildings would have a exciting element of sea-sickness to them, and a readiness to collapse at the first cross word from an aged tea lady.
I'm sure, however, that I give much pleasure and hilarity to our local community, most of whom are expert in their veg culitvation. 'What is that'? 'What will they make next'? 'Why do they like weeds so much'? 'The English are mad — this is proof, evidement . . . "

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  1. yep, learned that lesson meself last year, along with the fact that silly little canes just don't cut it you need big bastard tree sized ones :)