Saturday, 4 February 2012

despite minus-three degrees . . .

The carnaval de Limoux continues.
I read in the paper this morning at the Café de Commerce, that all sporting and exterior events had been cancelled in the Aude.
In Limoux, happy crazed folks dresed as giant babies clasping plastic bottles of pastis with teats on them, danced around the square. Due to the wind-chill factor of about minus fifteen, there was only a few people watching, the cafés stuffed instead. A great shame for the group, as the preperation for this one day a year is immense, and it's always a gamble on the weather.
Our group goes out next Saturday, and I am praying for a slight rise in temperature at least. Holding one's hands aloft in skimpy polyester gloves for many hours in freezing conditions is not fun.
Here is a film of the other group out today. I wish them all luck for the late evening 'sorti'. By ten o'clock it will be mind numbingly cold and the crowd will presumably wither to a lone dog. Everyone else, including me, will be in front of a fire, eating comfort food and watching a film. Sorry carnaval.

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